Newark battle rap legend and recording artist Arsonal da Rebel took to The Breakfast Club to discuss all things battle rap, beating Cassidy recently in his home town of Philadelphia on SMACK/ URLTV plus a whole lot more with DJ Envy, Charlamagne Tha God and Angela Yee.

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“The leagues know they’re gonna bank off of Cassidy ’cause he’s a delusional character that everybody’s like enjoying to watch,” Arsonal said. “They enjoy watching him get beat up like that. ‘Cause before me, he battled my man Goodz and he tore him up. It’s like, they know the fans is gon’ watch it. They gon’ pay for it. They gon’ come to the event. So why not use ’em?” 

The world’s highest viewed battle rapper ever and recently crowned battler of the decade, Arsonal has progressively been transitioning also into mainstream recording music while locking down his legacy as one of the most respected and ultimately disrespectful battle rappers to emerge.


His battle rap legacy is impressive, to say the least, having faced off against the likes of Loaded Lux, Charlie Clips, Hitman Holla, Conceited, DNA, Pat Stay, Hollow Da Don, Charron, K-Shine, Dizaster across all big leagues worldwide including URLTV, KOTD, RBE, Don’t Flop (UK), Fight Klub, Grind Time Now, Bullpen, Black Ice Cartel, Lionz Den, Rap Grid as well as being handpicked for Snoop Dogg’s Gladiator School and both Eminem’s Total Slaughter and Bodied movie.

Intent on breaking down the unwarranted stereotype that battle rappers can’t make music, Arsonal has recently made music with Scarface, Chris Brown, Wyclef Jean, Snoop Dogg, Fetty Wap and Tay Roc proving like Tsu Surf, Goodz and Loaded Lux that the two can successfully coexist.

He also has one of the highest viewed individual battles against Manchester Sony Recording Artist and UK battle rap legend Shotty Horroh as 12.6 million views from late 2012, only recently eclipsed by the unique Dizaster vs. Oxxxymiron (Russia) battle on KOTD currently sitting at 13.5 million views from late 2017. Beyond music, Arsonal has recently launched So Disrespectful Apparel clothing line and has been successfully running his own battle rap league in New Jersey – U DUBB Network – since 2012. Dangerous on the battle rap stage, in the cipher and on stage in his own right, Arsonal is one to watch for in the near future. Jersey.