There are several wonderful cities in America and each has its own identity and uniqueness. When you look deeper, some cities have extraordinary food, music, people, and culture. If you dig a little deeper, you’ll find that some cities are responsible for creating music genres. Oftentimes, these cities include expression of struggle, joy, pain, happiness, and love. But there’s one city known for jazz, brass band music, delectable food, hip hop, and bounce music. We call this city New Orleans. Others call it The Big Easy. Locals may refer to it as Cutthroat city. Nationals may refer to it as the city of Bounce.

We had the chance to catch up with New Orleans artist Devious, a mainstay pioneer artist and songwriter with several accomplishments and releases. Devious recently dropped “For The Culture” EP featuring some of New Orleans eclectic burgeoning hip hop, bounce and rnb artists including 5th Ward Weebie. On January 24th, Devious will be releasing “Destiny”, a maxi single produced by S-8ighty who is also featured on the titled single and another captivating single “Beautiful Soul”.

One may think that Devious is overly elated after earning Ascap award for his contribution to Lil Duval “Smile”,  and Travis Porter “Ayy Ladies” to go along with his RIAA platinum and gold awards after landing songwriting credits on Cardi B Invasion of Privacy (Bickenhead), City Girls “Twerk”, Layton Greene “Leave Em Alone”, Lil Duval “Smile”, Project Pat “Chickenhead”, and more.

While there is some truth to this, Devious was busy working with his New Orleans music colleagues Blaqnmild, 5th Ward Weebie, S-8ighty, Niyo, Partners-N-Crime, FullPack, Fiend, DJ JMk, DJ Ro, Dj Slab 1, and more to advance the music culture of New Orleans.


On April 6, 2017, great things happened for Devious, 5th Ward Weebie, and Blaqnmild. While Blaqnmild and 5th Ward Weebie were busy working with Drake, Drake released “Nice For What”. On the same day, Cardi B released “Invasion of Privacy” after finalizing business with Devious.

These brothers went on to share in number one Billboard success for top hip hop single (Drake), and top hip hop album (Cardi B). Then in June, Devious won his second Ascap Award for his work with Lil Duval. Then in August, 5th Ward Weebie won a BMI award for “Nice For What” and super producer Blaqnmild won BMI awards for “Nice For What” and “In My Feelings”. Both Cardi B and Drake were nominated for Grammy awards. 5th Ward Weebie was in attendance. He also took his son with him to witness him win the BMI award.

It was at this point that these brothers started to focus more on the advancement of New Orleans culture. Devious and 5th Ward Weebie recorded “Lift Ya Rump”, a bouncy lead single which also appears on “For The Culture” EP by Devious and Friends. Blaqnmild, 5th Ward Weebie, and Detroit released “Do You”, a bounce and RNB single by 5th Ward Weebie. Devious and Blaqnmild also released “Really Got It Going On” featuring Rooftop Rafe.

When these New Orleans creatives were not recording, they were planning and working on the betterment of New Orleans hip hop scene and taking a stand for New Orleans hip hop and bounce culture. Since then, New Orleans sound has erupted onto the national scene and Devious has earned additional credits with Megan Thee Stallion and more. Blaqnmild has earned credit with Megan, Young Jeezy, and more. 5th Ward Weebie was sampled by Chris Brown in “Emerald Burgundy”.
But recently the Let Me Find Out superstar passed away. 5th Ward Weebie’s passing impacted not only Devious, Blaqnmild, Partners-N-Crime, P-Town Moe, Hot Boy Ronald, Detroit, and Sess 4-5 but the entire city, surrounding area, and abroad. Artists like Snoop, Nas, Questlove, and New Orleans mega super star “Lil Wayne” all showed their respect for 5th Ward Weebie aka “The Bounce King”.

Many artists including Devious and Blaqnmild have vowed to keep 5th Ward Weebie’s legacy alive. Deejays made tribute mixes including DJ Ro, Dj Poppa, Dj Hektik, Dj Money Fresh, Mannie Fresh, and more. Artists like Mia X, Cheeky Blakk, Lady Red, Kermit Ruffins, Kilo, The Ghetto Twiinz, and Partners-N-Crime performed at various events to honor 5th Ward Weebie. Radio personalities at WQUE-FM (Uptown Angela, Wild Wayne, Dj Slab 1, DJ Ro, and DJ Poppa) flooded the airwaves with all of his hit songs.

Now New Orleans has to continue to be the great city it is. “Weebie was a beacon of light. He was a comedian type of guy who made us all laugh. He was a dope artist. The Bounce king! He was definitely for the culture. He was an advocate and spokesperson for the preservation of Bounce music. He is a cofounder of The Bounce Factory. He is our brother and it’s our job to make sure his music lives on, look after his son, and his family during this painful time, and to make sure Weebie’s musical catalogue is protected. I’m not the only one that feels that way. P-Town Moe, Hot Boy Ronald, Blaqnmild, Partners N Crime, they feel the same way,. Make no mistake; this isn’t about me or us, it’s about Weebie, his family, and our community coming together,” said Devious.

Devious said although he and his New Orleans music colleagues have new music releases and continue to blossom, the passing of 5th Ward Weebie left a dark cloud  over the city. “Weebie is suppose to be here laughing, performing, and ribbing (roasting) everybody. He’s suppose to be continuing his artist journey. He had plans of working with Mr. Hanky, London On The Track, and he wanted to sign with Quality Control. He was ambitious. He was on a mission for himself, Bounce,  and the city of New Orleans.”

“Continue to support 5th Ward Weebie’s music and New Orleans music culture collectively. That’s what 5th Ward Weebie was all about.”