On Saturday, Jan 25, 50 Cent took to Instagram to respond to comments made by Taraji P. Henson during an appearance on T.I.’s ExpediTIously podcast.

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T.I. had asked Taraji what she thought about 50’s constant trolling and sparking competition between Power and Empire. 50 had once claimed that Empire stole Power‘s marketing model and apparently never let it go. Henson thought that the rivalry between the shows was uncalled for and that both shows tackle different subject matters. She goes on to ask why 50 has to tear down another black person for competition.

“Our show has nothing to do with his show, we’re talking two different subject matters. Does he understand what I did to get here?” Taraji told T.I. “Why tear down another black person for competition? There are a million other shows he can compete with? And to do that publically, it’s embarrassing.”


On Saturday, 50 took to Instagram to give Taraji a backhanded apology which started off sincere as 50 apologized for unintentionally hurting Henson’s feelings and applauded her work. However, 50’s sentiments ended up sounding more like him taunting Henson.

“I saw @tarajiphenson on @troubleman31 podcast, this is my sincere apology I did not mean to hurt your feelings in anyway. I love your work and I think you are amazing. I’m sorry no one is watching your show anymore.😔I realize I have to work on the fact that I have less empathy then others. I have met with the top executives at Fox and sold them(The Notorious Cop) it’s the show that is replacing yours😟 but I really want to work with you. I mean your awesome we would work well together😠but if you don’t like the idea I understand. 😡if you don’t roll with me, your gonna get rolled the fuck over”

Fif went on to share another Instagram post, this time with a clip of Taraji P. Henson’s remarks on 50’s antics. The caption reads “👀this is @troubleman31 ‘s fault 🤷🏽‍♂️” and goes on to say that T.I. is already signed to the show on FOX which is set to replace power. 50 ends the caption by saying “TIP You grimey man 😆”

In another post, 50 shared a picture of the book “Notorious C.O.P” which inspired his new show on FOX. In the caption, he made sure to remind Taraji that his show is set to replace Empire and that T.I. had already signed on to be a part of the cast.

50 ended his troll by sharing a picture of Taraji P. Henson alongside her co-star Jussie Smollet. Last year, Smollet claimed he was the victim of a racist and homophobic hate crime in Chicago, however, after Police investigation, it was found that Smollet might have been lying about the entire situation.

In the caption of the photo, 50 says that the show “destroyed itself”, most likely due to the situation with Smollet. 50 stated that he hopes Henson accepts his apology and wishes they could work sometime in the near future.