Cam’ron may be on to something… He took to his social media to draw attention to the very strange occurrence surrounding Kobe and Gigi Bryant’s death. It is more of an amazing coincidence than it is a conspiracy. But either way, by pointing to numerology, Killa Cam is putting his followers on.

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In an Instagram post, featured a black and white meme with the two beloved ballers’ birthdays and dates of their demise. Then under those very important dates, he instructed his followers to add them up.

What did he find?


The sum of all of the dates equals the age Kobe was when he died, 41.

Well, let’s look at all of the meanings behind the number “41.”

According to, 41 is an angel number. The site shares with us that “When you see angel number 41 in your experience it is a sign from your angels to remain positively focused and optimistic as you continue to work diligently toward your goals.”

It also denotes that guardian angels are following you and helping you as you reach your highest goals. Angel number 41 is the combination of the vibrations of down to earth number 4 and the optimism that comes with number 1.

This would make sense, the two of them are now our angels.