Winning a Super Bowl is like punching a lottery ticket and so are all the elements associated with it.

Cue the jerseys worn by the winning Kansas City Chiefs and the significant value they will now have. However, in a sign of respect, the San Francisco 49ers’ Raheem Mostert swapped jerseys with Chiefs Damien Williams’.

After the fact, Williams realized just deleted a potential check.

Monday on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! the host pointed out that the jersey Williams gave Mostert “is worth a lot more than the jersey he gave you.”

His reply: “That’s funny you say that, because my mom was like, ‘Where’s your jersey at?'”

On Wednesday, he posted on Twitter that the jersey belongs to Williams and his family.

“If he calls me back and he’s like, ‘Hey, can we swap jerseys back?’ then I’m more than happy to,” he said, according to The Athletic. “Because I know the sentimental value it has to him.”

Now that’s good sportsmanship at its finest.