If you were hoping to grab some incense that smells like Erykah Badu’s vagina then you’re out of luck.

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The Soul singer took to Twitter to announce that she has the “Fasses selling pu$$ c in the south.” It took less than 20 minutes for Badu P*ssy Premium Incense to sell out. Each $50 order comes with a bulk of 20 incense. The Badu Market World website says the vagina-scented aroma was handmade using ashes from the singer’s underwear, pure resin, essential oils, and herbs.

The “Window Seat” singer spoke to 10 Magazine and explained the process of getting the scent from her vagina. “I took lots of pairs of my panties, cut them up into little pieces and burned them… Even the ash is part of it.”


Although you can’t get any more incense there are t-shirts, hoodies, clogs, crystal-infused water bottles and more available for purchase on Badu World Market.

There’s no information about the best-selling item restocking but check out this Instagram video of Erykah Badu celebrating her retail success: