A study from The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has resurfaced with startling information about male and female hygiene. Many are looking at the study after the recent coronavirus flared up in the United States and folk are scrambling to find ways to take care of themselves and curve the new virus that has the entire world up in arms.

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According to 2009 study cited by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in the institute’s online guide to the “corporate activity” of handwashing, a supplement they have provided to teach people how to best prevent the coronavirus, almost 70% of men don’t wash their hands after they use public restrooms.

All those times that your boss goes to the bathroom and he comes out without you hearing that dryer… don’t believe that he is just using a paper towel. To make it clear, we are looking at only 3 men out of 10 who will most likely wash their hands.  That’s not to even point out how men have to use their hands so intimately when they are using the restroom.


Sicko… no wonder why folk are getting ill.

So what about women? While the statistic is less than the men, it is still not a great number. They are saying 35% of women in America don’t wash their hands, basically, 4 out of 10 are out there shaking your hands and hugging on you, without soap or water the first.

Well, what can we do to promote better hygiene (since your mother’s barking at you clearly has not worked.)

People can check out Vietnamese dancer Quang Đăng and his TikTok that target handwashing, making it fun and cool.

When you are washing your hands, instead of singing Happy Birthday for 30 seconds, get fly with it and break out some Outkast lyrics or recite your favorite scene from your favorite movie.

It also appears that men in the UK have taken heed and started washing their hands more.

Either way, try not to shake anyone’s hands. You don’t know when the last time it was under some water and touched some soap.