While promoting the Crenshaw mixtape, Nipsey Hussle provided The Source with an all-access look into his life on the road. Before hitting the stage, Nip the Great let us into his recording process.

“I don’t premeditate what I say,” Nipsey detailed. “It’s in me. So if the beat is right and I feel it, it will come out.

“I think people will get game from my music if they listen. Like young people who are trying to get into what we doing.”

Hussle was once again speaking truths, from Crenshaw to Mailbox Money all the way up to his debut album Victory Lap, he delivered free game.

During the interview, he would also detail the books that are key to his business demeanor and his aim to roll out his album in a way no one saw it. At the time, Nipsey was operating with the Proud to Pay campaign, where he would have tiered levels for purchasing an album. Most notably, he would go on to sell physicals of his mixtape for $100 apiece, which would sell out.

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You can see the entire classic interview below.

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