According to a report from TMZ, Cali-based rapper Lil Xan was rushed to the hospital after having a panic attack due to being quarantined at home with his mother.

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Sunday(April 19), Xan’s mom called 911 after the Redlands rapper began hallucinating so bad, that it scared her, but Xan says that he doesn’t remember much of the episode at all. He says he’s used to going to the hospital for his anxiety attacks, but a hospital visit during the Coronavirus pandemic was a little bit too much for him to handle.

Xan has been holding it down during his quarantine with his mother in Corona, California(no, really), staying at home, but has been thirsty to get back in the studio and on the road. The pandemic has shut down all concert and festival circuits since the country-wide lockdown, which has put most artists out of work for the duration of the quarantine.