What some may call the “bling-bling” era of hip-hop was branded by many elements. One of the main components of a musical unit for a hit track was not just a catchy hook and flashy clothes, but a stunning music video. In the wee years of the 2000s, what was a hip-hop music video going to be without an eye-catching vixen?

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On Saturday, Melyssa Ford, host of I’m Here For the Food podcast and co-host of Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored, who is renowned as being an OG video vixen, shared the challenge on her Instagram titled “The Originals Video Vixens From the 2000s!” The challenge features over ten former models, including Claudia Jordan, who memorably starred in Fabolous’ “Throw it in the Bag” featuring The-Dream, Liris Crosse, Sincerely Ward, Monique Williams, and Porscha Coleman.

“Baddie Alert! Take a walk down memory land with the Video Vixens from your fav videos from the 2000s!,” she wrote.


Melyssa did not hesitate to acknowledge the fact that a couple of her fellow class acts were missing such as Gloria Velez, Buffie Carruth, Lashontae Heckard and more.

“And YES some favs are missing…I wish Vida, Gloria, Ki Toy, Sasha, Buffie, Lashontae and Angel Lola Luv had been included…”

In a 2018 BET mini-documentary titled VIXEN, Gloria Velez defined a Video Vixen as being:

“Being a vixen is a female that’s in a music video that was the lead girl, the main girl. She definitely has a stage presence and aura that makes people want to know who she is.”

Since the rise of the Instagram model, the value of the video vixen has declined and identity has since gone into extinction. Hence, the keyword of the challenge’s title “The Originals.” Overall, some of these women have solidified themselves as legends of the Video Vixen era due to their notable appearances and are respectively precursors of the Instagram model era.