The Last Dance has given the world many revelations about the history-making Chicago Bulls and even their families.

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Dennis Rodman Jr. thought he had heard it all when it comes to his infamously eccentric father. The former Bulls power forward was one of the focuses of the third and fourth episodes of The Last Dance.

In the episode, Rodman, Sr. explains his time with both the Detroit Pistons and Chicago Bulls. During his time with the latter, he asked head coach Phil Jackson if he could go to Las Vegas for 48 hours to blow off some steam.


D.J., who is entering his sophomore year at Washington State, said on Instagram Live he didn’t know about his dad’s midseason jaunt to Las Vegas during the ’97-’98 season. In fact, he learned along with all of us last Sunday.

“Only thing I didn’t know was that vacation. … I didn’t know you could do that, “ he said. “I didn’t know you could go up to your coach and be like ‘I need a vacation.’ ”

Rodman went to Las Vegas with then-girlfriend Carmen Electra for a party bing. He got back to Chicago late and had to be taken out of bed by Michael Jordan to get to practice.