There was a rumor in 2019 that Tiffany Haddish and Chingy had a small fling, a one night stand if you will. During the brush of words across the Internet, Chingy denied the claims. He is now double back and fessing up.

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The St. Louis rapper was on Fox Soul with Mike Will and stated that he was so drunk he didn’t remember but his brother cleared it up.

“I’ma keep it all the way authentic. But look so now I got to tell you what happened. I actually didn’t remember,” Chingy said. “I still don’t remember it to this day. So I had to call my brother who I know, know everything. And so I asked him, because back then I used to drink and shit and I was like a bowling ball, I was knocking ’em down. I’m talking about knocking ’em down.”


His brother said, “‘I was with her friend. You had her. One night everytbody was fucked up. We was in my room, then you and her want to your room, then whoop de whoop.’ So it is what it is. It happened.”

Haddish already admitted it, but now Chingy has come around to it as well. Check out the clip below.

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