Santana Fox is back with another one, to help you during these difficult times.

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The daughter of Mobb Deep frontman, Prodigy, has been blazing her own path and continues with new single “Mystique”.

Accompanied by a quarantine inspired music video that shows Santana inside giving you an insight into her mind. Between flowers in bloom and spiritual feng shui aesthetic, Fox brings the listener closer.


The track, produced by Versus, is as empowering as it is reflective. Fox talks about the new reality women face maintaining an online persona that is accepted for not being based in seduction.

“I know you rather see me shake my ass and my life in the comments, it ain’t a flex when I cop that two-seater coupe trying to escape from the lies and the drama.”

“Pop that pu&&y for a real ni##a, want me, want me to pop, pop that a$$ for a real ni##a, oh word I got to sell, sell my soul just to kick it wit cha contain my mystique, leave the rest to imagination. F*ck your fantasy.”

Santana Fox delivers the old school vibes of a woman looking for a deeper connection. She understands her value and cherishes her femininity enough to protect it.

It’s all about the intangibles she offers the world: her mystique.

The song doesn’t chide people for following the status quo, but it is clear on the definitive line that she won’t cross personally. As the daughter of a certified legend, you would expect nothing less.

Fox has been around hip hop royalty since birth and know that true creativity is what moves the world. She is sending a signal that whatever fantasy you want to impress upon her is a non-starter.

The song both challenges potential romantic suitors as it makes a cultural statement. There are boundaries that Santana Fox has set and the song is hopeful that the energy is contagious for her listeners.