As states begin to reopen and “Summer Time” draws near, holidays like the 4th of July have all sorts of questions surrounding them. Mainly, will there be fireworks?

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For decades, the tradition of Fireworks has become a staple of celebrating Independence Day for Americans. As hundreds of thousands flock to stores to buy up Roman Candles, Black Cats, and Bottle Rockets. 

Well, it seems that tradition is in jeopardy as the COVID-19 crisis continues to cripple the social economy, and citizens are forced to stay in their homes avoiding large gatherings. However, one city is attempting to resume the tradition with a few “adjustments.”


The annual Ford Fireworks display, which would turn 62 this year, has been moved to August and will celebrate the lives of frontline workers and citizens of Detroit known as “Detroiters” during the COVID-19 crisis.

For the first time ever, the fireworks display will be a TV-only broadcast on Monday, Aug. 31st as opposed to its traditional day and location in Downtown Detroit. 

CEO of The Parade Company Tony Michaels said that it was a push to get the city on board with the broadcast and that a large gathering was not in consideration. “Detroit will see a show they’ve never seen before. It will be the best fireworks show this country has ever seen,” Michaels said. 

Will other major cities follow suit? It will without a doubt be interesting to see how this plays out across the country.