The riots in Minneapolis in response to the execution of George Floyd just hit a new height.

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The Third Precinct is in flames as rioters surround the station along Lake Street. City officials have warned protestors to evacuate the premises in case of an explosion.

Fireworks can be seen exploding as the building burns down.


Reporter Luke Rudkowksi said, “3rd Precinct in Minneapolis was breached, police evacuated and now the protesters have control of the entire precinct, some are lighting it on fire.”

Below is footage from inside the building moments before looters set it ablaze.

Some live tweets suggests that all police officers have evacuated the building and protestors are distributing weapons.

The Minnesota National Guard has mobilized 500 soldiers to assist with the fire, and we can only hope the scene doesn’t get more ugly.

The protest has grown violent in a short amount of time and this turn of events will further divide polarizing sides of the argument.

Do you think this could’ve been avoided if justice was served for George Floyd?