Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison is questioning one rioter who was caught on camera shattering windows at a local Auto Zone.

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The perceived faux rioter in the video equipped with a gas mask an umbrella and all-black attire is seen calmly busting windows at the Auto Zone before he walks off.

“This man doesn’t look like any civil rights protestor I have ever seen. Looks like a provocateur,” Ellison said on Twitter asking for someone to identify the masked man.


The associated video Ellison posted was taken down by YouTube, but Philadelphia motivational speaker Wallo267 posted the video to his Instagram account suggesting that the man may have been a cop.

The man who by himself broke the windows to the Auto Zone was confronted by another man seen in a pink shirt. The rioter tries to avoid the cameras and ignores questions about why he is destroying the store.

Ellison has also referred to the riots as a distraction from a systematic change in regard to police brutality. Ellison called for the centering of protestors and a refocused national conversation.