Common participated in the city of Chicago’s mass celebration for 2020 high school students. The event was broadcast across area channels and titled Grad 2020: For Chicago.

The Chicago icon made an appearance and gave a special message.

“You all have accomplished something that no other class in the history of America, in the history of Chicago, in the history of anywhere has accomplished. You all accomplished graduation and made it to your graduation to get your diplomas in a time when the world has never seen anything like this,” said Common. “You all will always be remembered as historymakers at a time in history when things were changing.”

He added, “So I want you to go out in this world, go out there with purpose, go out there with truth, go out there with the love that you exude and that you put into your craft and academics, into yourself and into your community, and spread that to the world as proud Chicagoans, as proud people of our city, as proud human beings, as proud children of God.”

You can see the moment below.