Complex’s most popular personality has been suspended by the media company after a sexist rant about Chrissy Teigen on Wednesday. The internet personality has also been suspended from Twitch where he used his platform to attack Teigen.

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DJ Akademiks issued an apology on Thursday without saying Chrissy Teigen’s name. Akademiks claims that he spoke to management at Complex about the comments as well as his Everyday Struggle co-host Nadeska Alexis. Akademiks says in the video that he’ll be taking the next two episodes off.

“I definitely want to start off by kind of apologizing for some of the stuff that has been going on outside of the show… I think I definitely went over the line when I was addressing a few women and I just felt that wasn’t right… Even seeing the clip it looks nasty,” Akademiks said in the apology video.


Teigen who is very active on Twitter has not responded to the attack on her by Akademiks. In the YouTubers rant about the model and wife of John Legend Ak uses misogynistic language in response to an alleged subliminal diss.

“One time [Chrissy Teigen] sneak dissed me so f–k that hoe. Straight up,” Akademiks said on Twitch. “I don’t care if you John Legend’s b—h or any other b—h. How about you take that big ass mouth of yours and that f—ing weird ass looking face and start buying your man’s album… Chrissy Teigen suck a d–k.”

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