While most of the world is confused as to what made Tory Lanez shoot Megan Thee Stallion, T.I. is confused as well. T.I. hopped on IG live, after Meg told the world Tory was the shooter, to give his two cents on the situation.

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T.I. said he wanted to hear the full story but that Tory shooting Meg was “preposterous.” “How the fuck you shoot a girl? In a bikini? What the fuck? That’s crazy,” he said. “I’m not saying she would lie. I’m not callin’ anybody a liar. I’m just sayin’, I can’t imagine — that shit is unimaginable… I don’t have no words. I just waitin’ on the whole story. I need to hear everything.”

T.I. continued to say that Tory needs to give an explanation about why he shot Meg in the foot, saying that “shit lookin bad” for the Canadian rapper. “Man, Tory, you need to say somethin’, bruh. C’mon, clear this — you need to say something, bruh. You gonna have to speak to this,” Tip added. He said that there’s a lot of people who are in Tory’s corner who deserve an explanation about the matter. “You gotta say something, bruh. This shit lookin’ bad,” he said


For a little bit of backstory, Megan Thee Stallion had hopped on IG live this past Thursday where she confirmed rumors that Tory Lanez had shot her back in July. According to Meg, Tory and his team contacted blogs and give false information about what really happened. Meg said that by keeping quiet about who shot her, she was protecting Tory, but decided to air out what really happened because he was lying on her.

Tory had been arrested on weapons charges the night of the shooting, and might also face charges relating to shooting Meg.

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