6ix9ine gave the New York Times his first interview since being released from prison. The “Trollz” rapper used the newspaper’s platform to break down his criminal history and how he and Tupac share a similar story.

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New York Times journalist Joe Coscarelli asked 6ix9ine about his 2015 child sex case in which the rapper pleaded guilty to using a 13-year-old girl for sex acts on camera. Coscarelli asked 6ix9ine if he felt like he deserved the fame he got despite his past criminal offenses.

“Tupac Shakur was convicted of rape. Is Tupac Shakur loved or hated? Loved! What’s the difference between me and Tupac Shakur? I never caught a rape charge — ever,” 6ix9ine told the paper. “There’s no difference between me and Tupac Shakur.”


The Platinum-selling artist claims in the interview that both he and Tupac both created music that “grappled with his demons” without feeling the need to give something back through their art.

Tekashi also dished to NYT the details of when he made the decision to cooperate with federal authorities after facing decades in prison.

“I know the feds are monitoring me, making sure no one comes to hurt me, but I don’t know why at this point — I’m pretty scared,” 6ix9ine told the Times. “I’m tired. On Sunday, I went downstairs and I said, ‘I need to speak to your boss.’ I’m ready to snitch now.”

6ix9ine says he agreed to cooperate with the feds after a series of offenses that his fellow Nine Trey Bloods members made including his kidnapping, sexual relationships with his then-girlfriend, and stealing money he made from concert performances. 6ix9ine spoke on these offenses prior to being arrested in an interview with The Breakfast Club.