Is there a mercury retrograde happening right now? Because Naomi Campbell’s ex-boyfriend, Vladislav Doronin, reappeared in her life with a lawsuit with her name on it.

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The billionaire claims he “loaned” the supermodel money throughout their relationship that she is now (rightfully) refusing to pay back.

The details of this motion are unknown but the exchange isn’t a robbery! If you don’t understand what I meant by that line, then you’re too young.


Throughout Campbell’s extensive supermodel career she accumulated a net worth of $80 million. Meanwhile, Doronin is a Russian real estate tycoon who founded a Moscow-based real estate development company called Capitol Group. He’s also the CEO of Aman Resorts, a luxury hotel group, and another real estate firm called, OKO Group.

This man is a billionaire meanwhile Naomi Campbell is worth $80 million and he’s trying to stick her for her paper that he clearly doesn’t need. What do you think the motive is?