This year’s basketball season in the bubble was definitely one we will remember.

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Top chef Alexia Grant was one of the 10 chefs invited to cook for the players inside the infamous NBA bubble. From her kitchen at Disney World, she launched the pop-up restaurant Comfort Kitchen, specializing in Caribbean and Southern comfort food. Her food has been in demand from the players who miss the taste of home-cooked food. 

Since being limited to the bubble and a certain perimeter, she’s cooked for players from every team in the bubble. The Miami Heat, the LA Lakers, and the Denver Nuggets have all ranted about her tasty cuisine. But cooking under strict quarantine hasn’t been an easy feat. She can’t leave the bubble to do her own shopping and has to rely on runners to deliver her food to the players in the inner bubble.


Watch this video to see how the players were fed during the 2020 pandemic.