As the country preps for lockdown over the next month or so, music fans are hungrier than ever for new content.  And finally, Future and Lil Uzi Vert have dropped their new collaborative album Pluto x Baby Pluto.

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The two cultural favorites have been teasing the project for a while now and fans were becoming restless after watching the pair short previews of music back in September. Fans were ecstatic back in July when the pair released “Over Your Head” and “Patek.”

Both artists released their own albums earlier in the year. . Uzi dropped the long-awaited, and latest full-length release Eternal Atake in March. Most media and fans both enjoyed the project. Also this year, Future dropped his eighth studio album High Off Life in May, which featured the massive hit “Life Is Good” featuring Drake.


The new 16-track collection was executive produced by DJ Esco and comes alongside a Hype Williams-directed video for the track “That’s It.”

As expected, both Uzi and Future draw inspiration and lyrics from past relationships with their exes. On “I Don’t Wanna Break Up,” Future goes in right after Uzi goes full pop-punk on the chorus. “Tryna make better decisions, tryna be more consistent, yeah,” Future dreamily sings. “I’m going through hell just to get to you again.”

There is definitely undeniable chemistry on Pluto x Baby Pluto. However, Future and Uzi’s best rapping comes when they’re alone on individual tracks lost in their own thoughts. Future details betrayal over the keys and strings of “Rockstar Chainz.” Uzi feels like he’s thinking and rapping on the fly on  “Lullaby,” not losing a single clever thought. Uzi raps, “I try my best just to hug her with my fingers crossed, cause I know deep down inside, I am really doing wrong,” a very painful and heartfelt bar. 

While taking a sonic journey through Pluto x Baby Pluto, it’s hard to escape the feeling that Future is playing catch-up with Uzi. This has become a reality in recent collaborations between the two. It’s easy to see Uzi’s growth as an artist. And even more interesting to see a legend like Future seemingly take a backseat to a younger artist. 

Regardless of who’s your favorite of the two, it’s exciting seeing how they’ve learned to play off of each other’s energy. Neither of the two took the easy approach of emailing in versus and punching in bars. But the chemistry delivered on this project makes fans eager for more. Both from each individual and on the collaboration front.