Kentucky Attorney General, Daniel Cameron, didn’t charge the officers who opened fire in Breonna Taylor’s home during a no-knock warrant search that was meant for another address.

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Only one of four officers, Brett Hankison, was charged but for wanton endangerment for the bullet that hit Taylor’s neighbors’ apartment unit.

After this unsurprising but disrespectful decision, Taylor’s mother, Tamika Palmer, requested to have a special prosecutor oversee the case in October.


Unfortunately, Kentucky’s Prosecutors Advisory Council denied the request and the community isn’t happy about it.

During a Zoom meeting including over 200 members of the public, the Kentucky Prosecutors Advisory Council voted not to allow a new prosecutor on the case.

The council claims that they had no authority to move Cameron from the case. “Quite simply put, we do not have the legal authority to fulfill the request that has been submitted,” Councilmember Chris Cohron said.

You can hear onlookers shouting things like “You’re wrong, and you know it,” and “You have a legal obligation to pursue justice.”

Palmer isn’t going to stop there. Her attorneys are considering going to the Kentucky Bar Association to file an ethics complaint against Cameron.

The fight for justice for Breonna Taylor is far from over.