The duo of Meek Mill and Philadelphia 76ers partner Michael Rubin has donated over $2 million to create a scholarship fund in support of underprivileged children in and around Philadelphia.

The scholarship will assist the children in attending private and parochial schools throughout the city with hosts covered.

Meek and Michael’s donation will support pre-K, grade school, high school, and special ed students from poverty-stricken households in receiving a high-quality education and business leadership opportunities.

The scholarships will assist in access to home and school technology, making a path for optimizing learning during the pandemic.

Meek and Rubin’s aim was to provide a resource to low-income communities who may not have the access to appropriate technology and virtual learning services to sustain their children throughout the school year.

The donation will make an impact immediately and help 1,000 children during the 2020-21 calendar school year.