The city and county of Los Angeles are still on a city-wide lockdown as Covid cases continue to spike. Officials are now warning about COVID-19 outbreaks at businesses across Los Angeles County, where the virus continues to spread at alarming rates.

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Public health records show there are at least 538 outbreaks at open businesses across the county. Which is the most ever reported since the start of the pandemic.

Stores that attract large crowds are at the highest risk of an outbreak. One of the most heavily affected businesses is Target, with more than 323 positive cases across at least 14 locations, including 41 that have been documented at the Van Nuys location alone.


The grocery store Whole Foods has reported 92 positive cases among employees at six locations, while Home Depot has reported 236 cases across nine locations.

County officials say no customers have been affected by the outbreaks, although it would be hard to tell. This would put the business as a whole at stake. It would also be hard to scale the effects and spread if customers were infected. 

It doesn’t appear that Los Angeles will be getting off lockdown and curfew anytime soon. Numbers at hospitals are still up and growing. And now with grocery stores and shopping locations experiencing outbreaks, things are seeming grimmer. 

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