Since the death of King Von, his half-sister, Kayla B has been defending him against those speaking down on her brother. Most recently, Kayla B called out Asian Doll to clear the air that she and Von were not together prior to his passing. She also recently got into a physical altercation with Cuban Doll.

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Kayla B is still clearing the air. Most recently, fans have been accusing Kayla B of being in love with her late brother after old tweets have resurfaced on the internet. Fans claim that Kayla is too invested in King Von’s personal life and allude that the two could possibly have incestuous ties.

Kayla B stepped onto her Instagram live to address the claims that she is in love with her brother. “Get y’all sick nasty a**es on. Do I look like I’m from Down South?” she said. “Me and my brother we from Chicago. We’re not from Down South where people f*ck they brothers and sisters. All y’all that sayin’ that, I hope y’all grandma die ’cause that’s some nasty sh*t.”


Fans even went as far as suggesting that the two dated before having knowledge that they were related but Kayla B sticks to her story. “Ima say this one time and one time only. Number one, I always knew Von was my f*cking brother. My daddy had us around when we was all little and everything — but ofcourse when my dad passed we got separated. But come on now who the f*ck want to forget their brothers and sisters,” she stated.

Kayla then calls out those who are fans of King Von entertaining the rumors. “And if yall so-called Von fans yall wouldn’t even be saying that sh*t,” she said. Let’s be honest. That page — that sh*t been up there. Yall.. most of yall been seen them pictures, been seen all that sh*t. Why yall waited till he passed away to say some sh*t like that cause he would’ve treated yall a**.