More and more pardons are being announced. It’s kind of a nostalgic feeling when thinking back on the cases that got some of these individuals incarcerated in the first place. Pardon culture is extremely interesting when considering who’s being released as opposed to who doesn’t receive one. 

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The brother of former Chicago Bear linebacker Brian Urlacher has been pardoned of federal charges that he recruited for a multimillion-dollar illegal offshore gambling ring.

Casey Urlacher, who used to serve as mayor of the Chicago suburb of Mettawa, was among those pardoned in the final hours of President Donald Trump’s term as part of a whirlwind of clemency action that released more than 140 people.


Casey Urlacher, 41, was charged last February and pleaded not guilty the next month.

Casey played football but with limited success. He played at Lake Forest College and in the Arena Football League before becoming mayor of the village of fewer than 550 people in 2013.

Brian Urlacher is a documented supporter of  Trump, contributing to Trump’s campaign shortly after his brother was indicted and visiting the White House and presenting the president with a No. 54 Chicago Bears jersey days after his brother pleaded not guilty. Coincidence or a smart move? 

In a statement announcing the pardon early Wednesday, the White House said that Casey Urlacher “has been committed to public service and has consistently given back to his community,” adding that his mayoral position is unpaid and that he “is a devoted husband to his wife and a loving father to his 17-month old daughter.”

There will certainly be more big name pardons being announced. We will keep you all posted as more are announced.