Big Freedia’s influence on New Orleans culture is undeniable. The star appeared on episode 2 of the Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum‘s new podcast and spoke on her influence on the city and how it stretched beyond its borders.

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“Just finally seeing the fruits of my labor start to flourish, it feels really good,” Big Freedia said. “And just all of the hard work and dedication to my craft that I put in, to see it finally get some recognition and to be the ambassador of bounce music is a great feeling. It gives me something to look forward to, to represent the culture of New Orleans and the style of music, and it’s fun. It makes people happy all over the world, and it’s a great feeling.”

The work put in led her to collaborate with Beyonce, stating Queen Bey is “an amazing person and her energy and her skills are phenomenal.”


Freedia would also speak on working with Drake.

“I was loving it. I mean, what better feeling to be on a song with Drake? That was huge,” Freedia said. “I’m forever grateful for Beyonce and Drake and all of the artists who I’ve done collaborations with. Just taking a chance on a queen like me and to represent for the culture of New Orleans, it’s just bigger than me. It’s something bigger for the culture and I’m grateful forever.”

You can hear the full conversation below.