In a new stand-up posted to Dave Chappelle’s Instagram page, the legendary comedian announced that Chappelle’s Show will be returning to Netflix.

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In his latest clip entitled “Redemption Song” Chappelle touches on his recent COVID-19 diagnosis, the insurrection last month, and announced that he was able to renegotiate his deal with Viacom. With his blessing, Chappelle’s Show would return to Netflix on February 12.

“I asked you to stop watching the show and thank God almighty for you, you did,” Chappelle said. “You made that show worthless because without your eyes it’s nothing. And when you stopped watching it, they called me. And I got my name back and I got my license back and I got my show back and they paid me millions of dollars. Thank you very much.”


In one of his standup clip’s from last year, entitled “Unforgiven”, Chappelle shared how he was unaware that the show would be put back on streaming services and that he was not receiving any compensation for the show while it was available to stream. Chappelle admitted this was due to a bad contract he had signed when he first got his own show. He had called for his fans to stop streaming the show and then asked for the show to be pulled from streaming services.

But now, Chappelle Show is back and available for streaming on Netflix today.

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