“Everyone has a talent. What’s rare is the courage to follow it up.” These wise words by Erica Jong perfectly encapsulate the lifelong mission of Chiragh Baloch, a well-known artist, actor, YouTuber, and entrepreneur who has dedicated his life to uplifting the voices of Balochistan.

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The digital world may be packed with voices, opinions, and influencers, but Chiragh Baloch always felt something was missing. Growing up, there weren’t any Balochi actors and musicians to look up to as role models. Not only that, but other successful people in the entertainment industry felt far away, and their lives unattainable. Chiragh had no way of connecting to them and eventually felt like he could never have such a life. 

That all changed with the introduction of the digital age. Over the years, Chiragh has paved his way in the industry to become a successful Vine star, YouTuber, actor, content creator, and tech entrepreneur. But the project he is most proud of is ‘The Chiragh Baloch Show’.


This ever-growing YouTube series was created by Chiragh to support local talent by giving them a platform. The Chiragh Baloch Show has featured Balochi actors, musicians, comedians, vloggers, and more. The entrepreneurial host believes that if given a hand, the people of Balochi will rise above their struggles and realize there’s nothing they can’t do.

Here are some of the ways ‘The Chiragh Baloch Show’ is illuminating the talented individuals of Balochistan:

1.      Helps with building closer personal connections

By appearing on ‘The Chiragh Baloch Show’, guests are given the incredible opportunity to connect with a wider audience. Not only can they share their talents, but more about themselves as an individual. This can help them gain more recognition, support, and perhaps even a few new fans.

2.      Can create collaborations

‘The Chiragh Baloch Show’ has over 16K followers on YouTube, and has viewers in Balochistan and beyond. By appearing on the show, guests can meet other professionals they may not have connected with otherwise, and potentially collaborate.

3.      Acts as a platform for rising talents to showcase their skills

If you are in the content creation industry, you understand how difficult it is to showcase your work to a larger audience. ‘The Chiragh Baloch show’ gives budding talents an already-established platform to connect with the outside world.

4.      Promotes unknown artists

At the end of every show, Chiragh makes sure to attach the social media links of the featured talent and where viewers can check out their work. This helps them gain recognition and drive traffic to their sites. By expanding their online presence, guests on the show are one step closer to being recognized for their abilities.

Chiragh notes that success is determined by how beneficial you are to others. That’s why his career is now focused on helping others achieve their dreams. By giving fellow artists a unique opportunity to appear on his series, Chiragh is helping a generation of Balochi talent reach their goals. The show’s tremendous impact serves to show aspiring artists and entrepreneurs that nothing is out of their reach.

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