Various celebrity couples in the industry have won over our couple goals. While some of our celebrity favorites have split, there are others who are still holding it down in their relationships. Amongst that group would be Lil Durk and his girlfriend, India, who started dating back in 2017 and now share a daughter together named Willow.

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The “All Love” rapper posted a series of tweets that had fans under the impression, that there was trouble in paradise. “Never cared,” one post read.  “Chase who yea ok,” another stated.

“The streets got her on chino its over dog,” the rapper wrote with a laughing emoji.


As fans were trying to put together the pieces, Durk’s next tweet is what led fans to believe that the two split up. “Them Lil n*ggas ain’t big dawgs they tricking you.”

Once fans begin to assume that the couple split, or was possibly having issues, Durk came back with a few more tweets to clear the air. “Wait idk what y’all thinking I’m talking bout but this ain’t that y’all definitely ain’t finna play wit India or disrespect her period,” the rapper penned.

“It piss me off how y’all change sh*t around tryna make it like somebody a hoe talking bout her like talking bout my kids kill that rumor my b*tch ain’t nun like you goofy hoes,” he condluded.

If it’s one thing Lil Durk wants fans to know about India, it’s that the couple is still going strong, despite the rumors.