Jada Pinkett-Smith received an early mother’s day surprise while filming an episode of Red Table Talk. Typically the episodes focus on conversations with family and friends about the most important and provocative topics of the day. On Wednesday’s episode, the three generations of women celebrated three years of the show, and the upcoming holiday (Mother’s Day). The episode began with different mothers sharing their stories and ended with Willow paying homage to her mother in a special way.

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For the past three months, Willow orchestrated a plan to reunite Jada with her old bandmates Wicked Wisdom.

Before the performance, Willow played a prerecorded video of her explain the impact her mother and the band had on her growing up.


“When I was I wanna say about 3 or 4, I went on tour with my mom and her band. Wicked Wisdom was lit. This is the music I grew up around. My mother was Superwoman, she was a rock star, she was a warrior and a nurturer — all in one. So unapologetically badass.” said Willow.

The video ended with Willow saying that she wanted to pay homage to her mother by reuniting the band and performing Bleed All Over Me. Watch the full episode here.