Idris Elba was really on his Stringer Bell. In an interview with Joe Rogan for The Joe Rogan Experience, Chappelle revealed that he used to buy weed from Elba when the actor was a bouncer at a comedy club.

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“Idris Elba, the famous actor, used to be a security guard at Caroline’s,” said Chappelle. “I used to buy weed from him.”

Pedestrian points out Elba hinted at his history before, during his monologue before hosting Saturday Night Live.


“I was the bouncer at Carolines comedy club on 49th and Broadway… Now, this was my night job when I started in this country. This time of year, I would be standing outside freezing my bollocks off. I mean, it was a decent job, though. I made some great contacts. By which I mean, I sold weed.”

– Idris Elba