Each day celebrities get discussed on social media. Sometimes the discussion can be pleasing… and other times.. not so much. A woman took to social media to discuss her opinions on popular writer and producer, Issa Rae.

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“Issa Rae is not an attractive woman to me and that is okay,” the woman begin. “Every black person aint attractive. Also, she will never know who I am and even if she is it doesn’t matter because I don’t want to f*ck her or be hired by her.”

Once the word got to Issa Rae, she took a different approach in her response. Rae joked that the woman who made those comments looked like her.  “Okay, but we look the same? The f*ck?” she responded.


“Not my cousins publicly disrespecting me,” Rae later tweeted.

Fans begin posting side-by-side photos of the two women comparing their images, agreeing that the two actually look alike. While some social media users thought the response was funny, the woman who originally posted her opinion shares that she doesn’t think that she and Issa Rae look alike, however, she admits to sharing similar features with Rae.

Check out the photos below .. do you see twins?