The 24-year-old Jersey native, who’s latest Hot 100 hit ‘Big Purr (Prrdd)’ alongside Pooh Shiesty, amateur chef (have you seen her videos on YouTube) and now you can add hair influencer to her list of accomplishments. Roll up to any hair braiding shop or simply put in the hashtag #Coileraybraids and you will see girls young and old showing off their Coi braids.   What are Coi Leray braids you ask?  Short knotless jumbo box braids with curly ends. They are great as a protective style because they put less tension on the scalp and therefore less damage to your hair.  We are not sure if this is why Coi Leray rocks them but we know for us it will be a great way to get through from the pool to the party all summer long. Was hair influencer in the plan for Coi Leray?  We don’t think so. “Either I become the hottest female artist in the world, or I go to college and go get my culinary degree,” she says. ” But I’m gonna get my culinary degree anyways.” in an interview with Billboard. 

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But there’s something to be said about your influence when brown girls  want to look like you, follow your style and when your hair inspires a trend and movement. Her personality, unapologetically confidant  and her subtle humility, is what she says attracts so many to. “Every day 100 people hit me up like ‘Yo girl, you make me feel so good about my body,” she told  Billboard.  “That right there tells me I’m doing my part.”  And now she can add hair trend setter to the list.    

Here are a few Coi Leray inspired braids of women from across the country.

Pennsylvania got it
They rocking them in Boston
London knows what up
Braid blog sites feature her-we love the bows at the bottom
Keeping it hot in Dallas