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Coi Leray Ditches Her Signature Braids For Two Ponytails


Coi Leray had our mouths gaped wide open last week when she posted this stunner-two ponytails with a zig zag part and nineties inspired pom-pom hair accessories onto her instagram.  Even if it was just a tease for a night, Big Purr fans were living for her new look by complimenting her with thousands of […]

Coi Leray Teases Drake’s Upcoming Chrome Hearts Collaboration

Ez3r7 WUUAEK xd

It’s the assists for me.  Visit for more information The Drake co-sign is one of Hip-Hop’s most coveted golden tickets. The living legend has introduced the world to a number of artists. Whether it’s lending his vocals to give them their breakout hit song or recognizing them with a shoutout before the world is […]