Kylie Jenner and Victoria Vanna update.

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Just a few weeks ago, a model by the name of Victoria Vanna went viral after telling a story about Kylie Jenner and her friends being mean towards her at a video shoot for Tyga. “This was like, years and years ago,” the model stated in the video before describing what she went through on that day.

“I was doing a music video for him called “Ice Cream Man” at the time and Kylie was on set with Jordan and Stass’ and another girl who was an assistant I believe. Anyways, as soon as I walked out, she was looking at me up and down, whispering and pointing and making fun of like, how I was dancing. Just making fun of me. Clearly.”


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After the clip went viral and reached the online blogs, Kylie Jenner stepped into The ShadeRoom to clear the air, denying Vanna’s story. “This never happened,” Kylie commented under the post.

As of recent, Vanna’s is claiming that the reality star made an attempt to reach out to her. “Sis DM’d me then deleted it,” she posted on her Instagram story.

“I would’ve respected her actually if you would’ve just messaged me saying sorry I don’t remember or it wasn’t what you think but to publicly say oh that never happened when it did is BS. BC there’s people that literally were there but people are dying so now focusing on matters that matter [clap emoji] not this lame sh*t,” she wrote over a screenshot.

While Kylie has yet to respond to the second round of accusations, who do you believe?

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