The Denver Nuggets had one shot to survive against the Phoenix Suns on Sunday night and that hope appeared to fly out the window once MVP Nikola Jokic got arrested.

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During the third quarter, Jokic took a frustration foul when swiping for the ball that was in possession of Suns guard Cameron Payne. Jokic swiped Payne’s face sending him to the floor.

After a scuffle the moment went into the review, ultimately leading to Jokic’s ejection. Chris Paul and Devin Booker would go on to lead the Suns past the Nuggets 125-118.


The foul was considered “unnecessary and excessive contact committed by a player against an opponent.” Referee David Guthrie said, “After replay review, there is windup, impact and follow-through.”

The story, however, remained how the league MVP was tossed on a questionable call, drawing reactions across Twitter.