“I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man”. Few rappers encapsulate Jay-Z’s words better than Capo Corleone; a businessman and emcee hailing from Los Angeles that is truly the definition of a “rapreneur”.

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Capo, now 33, was once in a seat that most find themselves in at some point; that of a dead end job, an expiring dream and the need to give it another shot. “Hip Hop is the passion that brought me to the bigger table that is music and it has been my biggest passion since I was a kid. Even working in corporate America, I was in the studio every night working on my craft because I loved it – not because a paycheck was involved”.

Capo left his job and moved from the San Francisco Bay Area back home to Los Angeles with a long time friend turned business partner in 2017. In 2018, they founded the famed and well known recording studio “Tree4ort Studios” in the heart of Hollywood. He quickly found success not only with his own music but with the music industry’s biggest names as an executive producer and writer.


Capo’s music has graced multiple stages and TV screens throughout his multiple tours across Europe and the United States.

His 2019 release “Nina Brave” saw international success. The single became the entrance song for European Boxing Champion Nina Meinke – widely known as “Nina The Brave”. Capo had the honor of performing the single live in Berlin, Germany as Nina Meinke entered the ring to defend her championship title. It was broadcasted across Europe with a live audience of thousands and a television audience of millions.

Today, Capo is known not only as an internationally successful artist, but also as a true music mogul and founder of C2 Management, a company that Yahoo Finance calls “the new Hollywood gem that’s changing the music industry.

He manages to juggle the responsibilities of two companies, a roster of thirty-two artists in all genres and his own musical career which looks to be on the rise.

While most rappers enter the industry in a way that you’d expect, Capo has garnered respect by entering from a different angle; love for the craft and the hustle.

Capo Corleone’s newest release “Gotti” was just released on July 22nd with up and coming producer Tunaotb and musical engineer Nico Hamui, assistant engineer to Grammy winning engineer Dave Pensado. “My track “Gotti” is part of a bigger project that I have dropping in December called “Westside Story” which is really everything I have gone through since moving back to LA to pursue my dream”.

Knowing Capo’s story, this project will undoubtedly be “a Hollywood gem”

You can listen to Capo’s newest single “Gotti” on all streaming platforms.