If Jay-Z isn’t in the news for music, he’s in the news for business.

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Three months ago, Jay-Z aka Hov’s cannabis line Monogram displayed the first installment of “The Good Life, Redefined”—a lavish campaign inspired by Slim Aarons and shot by Hype Williams. Now some of those images from the photoshoot are available for purchase.

Jay-Z is branding his line of marijuana as high-class cannabis, and the mid-century luxury-inspired photoshoot by Aarons fulfilled Hov’s vision.


This shoot, which included some iconic figures in fashion, entertainment, and the food industry, took place at Twin Palms, Frank Sinatra’s estate in Palm Springs.

Images featured rappers Chika and Curren$y, stylist Aleali May, model Slick Woods, and culinary collective Ghetto Gastro as they are poolside representing fancy usage of marijuana.

“The perception around cannabis has shifted a lot since the 20th century. If you were to ask me and my peers how we’d define the good life today, weed would definitely be a part of it,” Williams said in a statement. “Whether we’re smoking to inspire creativity or to celebrate an achievement, cannabis has a rightful place in modern day culture.”

Starting today, limited-edition prints of the photographs (just 10 of each were produced, for a total of 80) will be available for purchase on The Webster and Caliva.com.

The pieces are priced at $320 and printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308 gsm—high-quality cotton paper. Sizes range from 18×18 to 18×24.

During the 1950’s, Slim Aarons photos became popular for his use of celebrities and glamorous people in various indulgent social settings. His POV was usually “attractive people, doing attractive things in attractive places,” he famously said.

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