Snoh Aalegra is on quite a run. After releasing her new album, Temporary High in the Violet Skies, Aalegra has received tons of prayers online. In the latest run of praise one fan online compared Snoh to Sade.

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“Snoh Aalegra is our Sade,” @SlickyWilliams wrote, sending Twitter into an uproar.

After the user was bombarded with criticism, Snoh herself stepped in with a message.


“There’s only one Queen Sade Adu. There will never be another one,” Aalegra wrote. This comparison I just saw is so unnecessary. It’s not even a debate. Respect the legend, please … Sade is every generations Sade.”

And that’s that on that. You can see her statement below and check out Snoh’s album if you have yet to do so.