Bobby Shmurda is fresh off the Rolling Loud Stage and is now pulling the curtain back on how his life has been after his release.

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Appearing on Desus & Mero on Showtime, Bobby Shmurda revealed how his days feel to him now that he is out.

“Honestly, it’s mixed emotions,” said Shmurda. “Some days is work, and some days it’s like, man, I’m home. You know when you can’t believe you’re home? I done came home before but this time it was like, I’m home. You know. what I’m saying? I’m home. When you come home, you gotta see everything and what’s what. What’s this? What’s that? That’s what’s really been going on. I’m trying to see what’s this and what’s that before you move cause being in jail just made me smarter. I used to move off a lot of impulse.”


You can see the clip below.

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