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When it comes to self-love, acceptance, and advocate for body positivity Lizzo is the perfect example of what that looks like in her music, in photos, and on social media.  She gives us the good the bad, and the ugly of what it’s like to be her in the end leaving a message of “Be you, do and love yourself while doing it.  Curating her social media to put out the content that she wants to see, addressing the misconceptions, and showing the world what it’s like to forget your hatter’s and continue being the superstar she is.  But don’t get it twisted this  ‘I love me, damn it!’  attitude takes work. This is why she has been proudly involved with Dove’s Self-Esteem Project and their #NoDigitalDistortion pledge and just recently helped to launch their  “My Hair, My CROWN” toolkit.  Because it’s so close to her heart, Lizzo clearly understood the assignment.  “When I finally, in the last few years, started to come to terms with ‘this is my hair, it’s not going to change, and it’s beautiful,’ I felt like I finally could say that I truly loved myself,” she says at a virtual guided workshop at the Bos & Girls Club of Harlem.  90-minute workshops specifically dedicated to inspire and build confidence in girls with natural hair and to help adults navigate its beauty standards.    “The way that we see ourselves changes every single day; I just choose to find the positive in the way that I see myself,” she says. “Sometimes it’s skin, sometimes it’s my body, sometimes it’s my hair, sometimes it’s my spirit — but every day, just try to find something that you love about yourself because the things that you like about yourself aren’t going to be the same every single day.” In an interview.  To download the handy tool, visit Doves, My Hair, My Crown site here.