The journey to success can be a series of challenges in different shapes and sizes. Everyone faces their own share of ups and downs and you must continually work past to achieve whatever you are seeking. These life hurdles are meant to test your patience, resilience, and determination to get through whatever you face and find success. It can be an extremely difficult moment, but there is always a way around any obstacle, no matter how huge or tough it may seem. 

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The best thing to have in mind is you are not the only one going through a tough moment. Many people are going through hardship periods, but they still manage to keep working hard, trying to find a way through it with a smile on their faces. In fact, most success stories that you are likely to come across result from hard work, determination, and persistence to keep grinding to rise against all odds.

Kane Comfort, an American-born singer, songwriter, and rapper, is one of the successful people who share an inspiring story. Kane is a naturally gifted musician taking the industry by storm with his unique sound. He is already announcing his name in the industry with compelling hits, including a debut EP made of five records entitled “Take Flight,” “Vine Full of Scars,” “I Cannot Condone It,” Raised by the Wolves,” and “Lotus.” 


Additionally, Kane has recently released five other singles, including “Stupid In Love,” “65 South”, “Green Leaves”, “If we met…”, and “Heart Strings”. This also includes a total of sevenvideos on his Vevo channel just this year, with much more music to come. His records have earned him recognition in the industry, including playing in live shows in and around Nashville, TN. 

Though he was born in a musical family, the path to success in music has not been all rosy for Kane. He has had to work hard to keep his music dream alive. Kane draws his musical inspiration from his late father, who was in a band. He is the one who introduced Kane to music and inspired Kane’s love for this form of expression. 

At age 18 Kane lost his dad to a long cancer battle. This was a significant blow to him, but this deeply emotional time pushed him deeper into his music, which kept his father alive in his heart. 

“My father’s death was certainly the toughest thing I have ever been through; however, I still feel his presence to this day and can see that I have been so lucky to have him for the 18 years that I did. Around this time, I could feel myself pulling away from the path I was currently on. There are so many reasons that I made the decision I was going to pursue music that year, but the switch certainly flipped, ” says Kane

But a handwritten note by his father before his death changed everything.

“Always live with integrity to your values, based on the eternal natural principles that govern life, always exercise your greatest talents in meaningful service to others,” and always treat each individual with the dignity they deserve as children of God.” 

Kane has since put the three points into action, and he believes that his greatest talent is to invoke emotion through song.