It’s only 3 days since Cardi B is stepping on necks at Paris Fashion Week.  The ‘Up’ singer who’s been laying low since giving birth to her son on September 4th has finally shown up and is officially showing out in these Paris streets.  She stole the show and our full attention at the Theirry Mugler Coururissime exhibition with bleach blonde finger waves, bedazzled red bows, and eye piercings. All while keeping it real about what appears to be a quick snatch going to Twitter and her Instagram stories to address the surgery rumors. In the video, Cardi says, “Everybody is like Cardi you so snatched, what did you do, you did Lippo, you had a tummy tuck?” She responded, “You cannot do surgery after you give birth.”

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She then turned to the side to demonstrate to her fans how she poses in pictures to hide some of her leftover baby weight. “My skin is still loose, and still I got a little pouchy, pouch right here,” Cardi says. Continuing to .encourage women in the same situation to take their time on getting back to their normal weight due to the fact that parenthood is challenging.

Take a look at Cardi and Offset Take Paris (below) and her full conversation with followers about her post-surgery body.


Cardi at the opening of the Thierry Mugler exhibit in Paris 

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