Kidz Bop has been remixing some of your favorite classic hits into children-friendly tunes since 2001. The music brand releases compilation albums of children performing clean versions of the latest hip-hop, pop, and r&b.

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The next hit to be converted into a family-friendly cover would be Lil Nas X’s single, “Montero (Call Me by Your Name).” The 22-year-old entertainer just released his debut studio album, “Montero” which has already accumulated over 125 million streams.

“Lmaooo they are really making a kidz bop version of call me by your name,” the Old Town Road singer stated on Twitter.


While many were quick to think Lil Nas was up to his trolling ways per usual, the singer came back to clarify that he was serious about his statement. “Not even joking i just saw this commercial they killed it tho.”

Check out the Kidz Bop commercial to Lil Nas X’s single below!