A 22-year-old victim of the deadly Astroworld Festival disaster in Houston is brain dead and on life support.

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Bharti Shahani’s family said Tuesday that she suffered multiple heart attacks, is brain dead and they are trying to decide what to do next.

Shahani was separated from her cousin when the crowd surged Friday night, leaving eight dead during a performance by Travis Scott.


Shahani, her sister Namrata Shahani and her cousin Mohit Bellani went to the concert together, but lost each other when the crowd surged.

“Once one person fell, people started toppling like dominos. It was like a sinkhole. People were falling on top of each other,” Bellani said. “There were like layers of bodies on the ground, like two people thick. We were fighting to come up to the top and breathe to stay alive.”

Bharti was taken to Houston Methodist Hospital by ambulance. Paramedics gave her CPR on the way there.

The Texas A&M University senior has been in critical condition and is on a ventilator.

Her family told ABC13 Tuesday morning that they are meeting to determine what to do next.

Another victim, nine-year-old Erza Blount, is in a medically-induced coma after being trampled. Ezra remains in a coma and on life support because of the severe damage to his liver, kidney and brain.

The Blount family’s lawsuit places blame on Scott, Live Nation and other entities, saying that they “egregiously failed in their duty to protect the health, safety and lives” of all concertgoers.

Scott said he’s devastated by what happened and has offered to pay for the funeral costs and mental health treatments for all involved.

The FBI is now part of the criminal investigation into what went wrong at a Houston festival.

Our prayers are will the victims and families who were affected by this tragedy.

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