L Cool J honored with his own statue in Corona Park, Queens, New York.

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“The G.O.A.T. Monument.”

City officials say artist Sherwin Banfield has created a statue of the legendary rapper to put on display in Flushing Meadows Corona Park.


The Monument features a musical component, implementing actual audio in the piece. It displays a young LL topped with his iconic Kangol hat and a Boombox Soundsystem. All holding a cassette tape of his debut studio album, Radio.

The LL Cool J sculpture is located in David Dinkins Circle within Corona Park.

LL Cool J who was recently inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced his awesome tribute with a post on social media.

“Anything is possible. [Fist Emoji, Rose Emoji] Statue of me in Corona Park, Queens by the talented @sherwintheartist” LL Cool J wrote.

The powerful statue is another way to celebrate his countless contributions to Hip-Hop music and pop culture. His prolific career spans over 35 years.

Banfield’s creation will be on view through November 2022.

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