It’s been a bizarre week for Antonio Brown to say the least. However, despite his on-field issues, off the field he has caught the eye not just of clever meme makers, but also hip-hop artist Asian Doll.

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On Wednesday morning, Asian Doll flirtatiously asked the embattled wide receiver to ask her on a date, tweeting: “Wassup, Antonio Brown take me out to dinner” followed by smiling and laughing emojis.

Her ex, rapper Jackboy, wasted no time weighing in, retweeting her tweet with the following statement: “@ab go ahead Ima team player my n***a. When you done with her pass her back family.”


Asian Doll responded shortly after with the following tweet: “Pass me back? Boy who coming back to you” followed by two laughing emojis.

As of now, no word on whether or not Antonio Brown has taken her up on her dinner date request.